Policy Manual Version 3.0 Subcommittee


To discuss proposed Illinois energy efficiency policies and reach agreement on Illinois Energy Efficiency Policy Manual Version 3.0, for filing with the Commission in 2023.


The Policy Manual update process is anticipated to kick-off in June 2022.


  • Participation: Participation in the Policy Manual Subcommittee update process meetings for Policy Manual Version 3.0 is open to all interested SAG participants. SAG participants will be invited to self-select into joining the Policy Manual Subcommittee.
  • Proposed Policies: All Policy Manual Subcommittee participants will have an opportunity to propose new policies or changes to existing policies for consideration in Policy Manual Version 3.0. The due date for proposed policies is May 1, 2022.
  • Subcommittee Meeting Schedule: A Subcommittee Plan and schedule will be developed by the SAG Facilitator in 2022.
  • Subcommittee Meeting Materials: Due to the draft nature of policy materials, draft policy documents will not be posted on the SAG website. Instead, draft language will be circulated directly to the Policy Manual Subcommittee distribution list, and posted on a SharePoint site.
  • Final Negotiations: Negotiation meetings to finalize Illinois policy documents will be limited to utilities and non-financially interested stakeholders.