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The Illinois Energy Efficiency Stakeholder Advisory Group (SAG) is an advisory body established by the Illinois Commerce Commission that is open to all interested participants. SAG is a forum that allows parties to express different opinions, better understand the opinions of others, and foster collaboration and consensus.


The next large group SAG meeting will be held by teleconference on Tuesday, April 14.

The draft evaluation report review process has begun for the 2019 Program Year. Visit the Draft Evaluation Materials page to review draft reports. Reports are posted as they are made available by independent evaluators.

Information about the SAG Portfolio Planning Process is available on the SAG Portfolio Planning Process page. Stakeholders are invited to submit Energy Efficiency Ideas. Click here to download the Energy Efficiency Ideas Template. Due to COVID-19 challenges, the April 1 due date is being extended. A new due date will be announced soon.

For information on active SAG Working Groups in 2020, visit the Working Groups page. Current SAG Working Groups include: Market Transformation Savings Working Group; Midstream-Upstream Working Group; and Non-Energy Impacts Working Group.

One of the key SAG goals for the 2018-2021 EE Plan is to educate participants on and encourage the discussion of innovative ideas. An “innovative idea” may be an issue in the EE industry, a successful EE or related program in another jurisdiction, a method of reaching customers, an efficiency measure or product being tested in a new manner, etc. If you are interested in presenting an innovative idea to SAG, please reach out to the SAG Facilitator. Innovative ideas will be scheduled for SAG discussion as time and resources permit.

Are you looking for information on the Income Qualified EE Advisory Committee (IQ North or IQ South)? Click here to visit the Income Qualified EE Advisory Committee website.