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The Illinois Energy Efficiency Stakeholder Advisory Group (SAG) is an advisory body established by the Illinois Commerce Commission that is open to all interested participants. SAG is a forum that allows parties to express different opinions, better understand the opinions of others, and foster collaboration and consensus.


SAG Follow-up

Click here to download a summary spreadsheet (updated 9/1/23) with follow-up items raised during the following SAG meetings in 2023:

  • Large Group SAG
  • SAG Equity Subcommittee
  • SAG Network Lighting Controls Subcommittee
  • SAG Market Transformation Savings Working Group
  • SAG Non-Energy Impacts Working Group
  • SAG Reporting Working Group

Illinois TRM Version 12.0 Update Process

The Illinois Technical Reference Manual (TRM) update process for Version 12.0 is ongoing, facilitated by VEIC, the Illinois TRM Administrator. Visit the TRM Version 12.0 webpage for additional information. Contact VEIC to join the TRM Technical Advisory Committee distribution list ([email protected]).

2023 SAG Working Groups (contact the SAG Facilitator to join a Working Group):

2023 SAG Subcommittees (contact the SAG Facilitator to join a Subcommittee):

Are you looking for information on the Income Qualified Energy Efficiency Committee (or LIEEAC)? Click here to visit the IQ Energy Efficiency Committee website.