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The Illinois Energy Efficiency Stakeholder Advisory Group (SAG) is an advisory body established by the Illinois Commerce Commission that is open to all interested participants. SAG is a forum that allows parties to express different opinions, better understand the opinions of others, and foster collaboration and consensus.


SAG Follow-up

Click here to download a summary spreadsheet (updated 9/1/23) with follow-up items raised during the following SAG meetings in 2023:

  • Large Group SAG
  • SAG Equity Subcommittee
  • SAG Network Lighting Controls Subcommittee
  • SAG Market Transformation Savings Working Group
  • SAG Non-Energy Impacts Working Group
  • SAG Reporting Working Group

2023 SAG Working Groups (contact the SAG Facilitator to join a Working Group):

2023 SAG Subcommittees (contact the SAG Facilitator to join a Subcommittee):

Are you looking for information on the Income Qualified Energy Efficiency Committee (or LIEEAC)? Click here to visit the IQ Energy Efficiency Committee website.