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The Illinois Energy Efficiency Stakeholder Advisory Group (SAG) is an advisory body established by the Illinois Commerce Commission that is open to all interested participants. SAG is a forum that allows parties to express different opinions, better understand the opinions of others, and foster collaboration and consensus.


Ameren Illinois 2022-2025 EE Portfolio Request for Interest (posted April 6, 2021):
Ameren Illinois invites you to participate in a Request for Interest regarding the 2022-2025 Energy Efficiency Portfolio. As a valued energy efficiency, business or organization, partner and advocate, we want to ensure we keep you informed regarding future procurement events within our portfolio. You will find attached an overview of future procurement events. To continue our commitment of “Energy Efficiency for All”, we strongly encourage interested organizations to consider teaming, including diverse and non-profit organizations with expertise and interest in supporting this mission. Please fill out the RFI survey ( and below). Ameren Illinois will use your survey responses to communicate future procurement opportunities. If helpful, Ameren Illinois will also schedule a meeting to walk through the attached materials and answer questions, as well as the filed plan on the ICC website. Thank you and we look forward to delivering energy efficiency benefits to our customers through meaningful partnerships and innovative program delivery.


Peoples Gas & North Shore Gas Request for Proposals (announced on April 1, 2021):
Peoples Gas and North Shore Gas will be issuing request for proposals (RFPs) to select contractors for the next four year energy efficiency portfolio cycle (Phase 4) which begins on January 1, 2022 and ends December 31, 2025. RFPs will be released for the following services:

  • Residential and Income Eligible Program Implementation
  • Business and Public Sector Program Implementation
  • Portfolio Administration
  • Regulatory Support

If you are interested in participating in any of these RFPs, please email Monique Jones at [email protected] and include your company name, contact name, email and phone number no later than April 9th, 2021.

Request for Feedback (posted March 18, 2021):
The SAG Facilitator is requesting feedback on the 2020 SAG Portfolio Planning Process, to identify lessons learned and opportunities for improvement in a future process. Click here to take the survey. Responses are requested by Monday, April 19.

ComEd Request for Proposal (RFP) for Energy Efficiency (announced on March 10, 2021): Click here to download the ComEd EE RFP Announcement.

Upcoming Meetings:
Monday, April 26 Fuel Conversion Working Group Meeting
Monday, May 10 Fuel Conversion Working Group Meeting
Monday, May 24 Fuel Conversion Working Group Meeting

SAG Break:
Following past precedent, SAG will not hold regular meetings while EE Plan dockets for 2022-2025 are open at the ICC (anticipated from March to August 2021). The timing for this break is subject to change depending on when utility EE Plans are approved by the ICC. If there are topics that require discussion during this timeframe, meetings will be scheduled on an as-needed basis with feedback from interested parties. Meeting agendas will be circulated to the distribution list by the SAG Facilitator one week in advance of each meeting. This break does not impact the IL-TRM Version 10.0 update process.

Click here to download the 2021 SAG Master Calendar (this calendar will be updated throughout the year, as needed).

Click here to download the most recent SAG Open Issues Tracker (updated Nov. 25, 2020) , summarizing open issues and follow-up items from 2020 large group SAG meetings.

2022-2025 EE Plan Dockets:
Illinois utilities filed the next 4-year Energy Efficiency Plans with the ICC on March 1. ICC Docket links can be found on the EE Dockets page:

Draft Evaluation Reports:
Draft evaluation reports prepared by independent evaluators for the 2020 program year are now being posted for review on the Draft Evaluation Reports page of the SAG website. Reports are posted as they are made available by the evaluation teams. Visit the Draft Evaluation Reports page for more information on this review process, including comment deadlines.

2021 SAG Plan:
The SAG Facilitator presented an overview of the 2021 Plan on February 16. Visit the SAG Planning page to download final materials:

2021 SAG Working Groups:

COVID-19 Impacts:
Visit the COVID-19 Resources page. On April 14 utilities presented an update to SAG on COVID-19 impacts. On June 11 a small group meeting was held to discuss evaluation impacts due to COVID-19. On August 24 a second small group follow-up meeting was held to discuss an open evaluation question. On November 13 a small group meeting was held to discuss potential evaluation treatment of business closures.

Are you looking for information on the Income Qualified EE Advisory Committee (IQ North or IQ South)? Click here to visit the IQ South EE Advisory Committee website. Click here to visit the IQ North EE Advisory Committee website.