SAG Planning

SAG planning documents are posted below. Annual plans are prepared by the SAG Facilitator and shared with SAG participants for review and comment. Visit the Working Groups page for information on active SAG Working Groups.

2021 SAG Planning Materials

2021 SAG Plan (final draft, Feb. 26, 2021)

SAG Process Guidance

SAG Process Guidance Document – 2021 Update (final, February 2021)

2018-2021 Annual SAG Planning

2020 SAG Project Plan (final, updated April 7, 2020)

2020 SAG Portfolio Planning Process Schedule Flowchart (updated September 16, 2020)

2019 SAG Plan (final, January 2019)

2018 SAG Plan (final, October 2018)​

Prior SAG Planning Documents

SAG Process and Plans: 2014 and Beyond (EPY7-9/GPY4-6 – updated 6/18/15)

SAG Schedule for 2015-2016 (Through Q2 of EPY9/GPY6 – updated 8/3/15)

SAG Schedule for 2016 (Through Q1 of EPY9/GPY6 – updated 7/21/16)