Information on Illinois energy efficiency policies developed through SAG is available on this page.

Illinois Policy Documents

Illinois Energy Efficiency Policy Manual

Illinois TRM Policy Document

Process for Addressing Policy Issues

  • Policy issues are typically resolved through the Policy Manual update process; however, policy questions may arise that require discussion and resolution while the Policy Manual Subcommittee is inactive.
  • Since Policy Manual Version 2.0 and IL-TRM Policy Document Version 3.0 were approved by the Commission in December 2019, the Policy Manual Subcommittee is anticipated to be inactive during the 2020 program year, unless new Illinois energy efficiency legislation may require updates to the Policy Manual or IL-TRM Policy Document.
  • While the Policy Manual Subcommittee is inactive, open policy issues will be resolved in the following manner:
    1. The SAG Facilitator will review policy requests and schedule for SAG discussion as needed.
    2. Background on the policy request will be presented to interested SAG participants.
    3. Proposed policy resolution will be circulated to SAG for review, including a request for edits or questions, with a minimum of ten (10) Business Days provided for review.
    4. If the SAG Facilitator receives substantive edits, questions or concerns regarding proposed resolution of an open policy issue, a follow-up SAG discussion will be held with interested SAG participants.
    5. Final resolution will be documented on this Policy page.
    6. The SAG Facilitator will maintain a “Policy Tracker” describing any policies to be considered in a future update to the Policy Manual or IL-TRM Policy Document.
  • Policy resolution may require a Stipulated Agreement. Whether or not a stipulated agreement is required will be determined by utilities and non-financially interested stakeholders.

Policy Resolution

Policy Tracker