Illinois Statewide Technical Reference Manual

The Illinois Technical Reference Manual (IL-TRM) is updated on an annual basis. Version 7.0 was approved by the Illinois Commerce Commission in December 2018. Version 8.0 was filed with the Commission for approval in October 2019. Click here to access the IL-TRM Version 8.0 page.

IL-TRM Policy Document

Participation in IL-TRM Update Process

The IL-TRM Technical Advisory Committee and annual IL-TRM update process is facilitated by VEIC. To join the IL-TRM Technical Advisory Committee and get access to the IL-TRM SharePoint site, please email the Illinois TRM Administrator, VEIC: [email protected].

​IL-TRM Request Tracker

There is a structured process at the beginning of each IL-TRM update cycle for participants to submit new measures and changes to existing measures. Participants may also submit measure requests to the IL-TRM Request Tracker on SharePoint throughout the year. Measure requests submitted past the deadline for annual IL-TRM updates may not be considered until the next update cycle.

Current Workpaper Template

Illinois Statewide IL-TRM Workpaper Template 2019

Illinois Net-to-Gross Methods

Click here for information on Illinois NTG Methods.

IL-TRM Errata Documents

There is a separate page for each version of the Illinois Statewide Technical Reference Manual (IL-TRM). Click on the links below for more information:

The links below include final versions of the IL-TRM and associated errata, beginning with the most recently completed (Version 8.0):

ICC Directives regarding IL-TRM:

ICC Dockets related to approval of IL-TRM

  • 13-0077: Adoption of policies for the IL-TRM
  • 12-0528: Approval of IL-TRM Version 1.0
  • 13-0437: Approval of IL-TRM Version 2.0
  • 14-0189: Approval of IL-TRM Version 3.0
  • 15-0187: Approval of IL-TRM Version 4.0
  • 16-0171: Approval of IL-TRM Version 5.0
  • 17-0106: Approval of IL-TRM Version 6.0
  • 18-1605: Approval of IL-TRM Version 7.0

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Sources and References Documents (Final Version 3.0)

Residential Measure References (zip files):

Other reference files (zip files):