SAG Portfolio Planning Process


The objective of the SAG Portfolio Planning Process is to reach consensus on Illinois Energy Efficiency Portfolio Plans prior to individual Illinois utilities (Ameren Illinois, ComEd, Nicor Gas, Peoples Gas and North Shore Gas) filing Plans for approval with the Illinois Commerce Commission.

SAG holds the Portfolio Planning Process once every 4 years, unless a change in Illinois law requires discussion related to EE portfolio planning. The objective of the 2024 SAG Planning Process is for non-financially interested parties to reach consensus on 2026-2029 individual utility EE Plans for Ameren Illinois, ComEd, Nicor Gas, Peoples Gas and North Shore Gas, prior to each utility filing an EE Plan with the Commission for approval by March 1, 2025.

2024 SAG Planning Materials

2024 EE Idea Submittals

Click here to review EE Ideas submitted in March 2024.

Final Negotiations

  • The final step to the SAG Planning Process is individual utility negotiations with non-financially interested stakeholders.
    • Financially interested parties are not eligible to participate in negotiations. The definition of “financially interested party” is included in the SAG Financial Conflict of Interest Policy: SAG Financial Conflict of Interest Policy – 2024 Update (clean final)
    • The deadline for eligible non-financially interested stakeholders who want to participate in EE Plan negotiations to notify the SAG Facilitator was Friday, May 31.

2024 Large Group SAG Meetings

Introduction to 2024 SAG Plan:

Utility Kick-Off Presentations – Overview of Current EE Portfolios:

Leveraging Federal EE Funding:

Energy Efficiency Idea Presentations:

Illinois Utilities Respond to EE Ideas:

Wednesday, June 12, 2024 Meeting

Wednesday, July 17, 2024 Meeting

Draft EE Potential Study Results:

Annual Net-to-Gross Update Process for 2025 Program Year:

Draft Ameren Illinois 2026-2029 Energy Efficiency Plan:

Draft Ameren Illinois 2026-2029 Energy Efficiency Plan:

Draft ComEd and Peoples Gas/North Shore Gas 2026-2029 Energy Efficiency Plans:

Annual Evaluation Plan Review Process: