IL Statewide Technical Reference Manual Version 11.0


  • The IL-TRM Technical Advisory Committee and annual IL-TRM update process is facilitated by VEIC. To join the IL-TRM Technical Advisory Committee, please email [email protected].
  • For information on prior versions of the IL-TRM, please visit the main IL-TRM page.

Annual IL-TRM Update Process

  • There is a structured process at the beginning of each IL-TRM update cycle for Technical Advisory Committee participants to submit new measures and changes to existing measures.
  • Measure priorities for Version 11.0 are currently under review.
  • Regular meetings are held by teleconference with IL-TRM Technical Advisory Committee participants to reach agreement on measure updates and additions to the IL-TRM.

Final IL-TRM Version 11.0 (September 23, 2022)

Evaluation Priorities (October 2022)

IL-TRM Version 11.0 Errata

Final Priority Measure List

Version 11.0 Change Summary Memo (7/12/2022)

  • The IL-TRM Administrator prepared a memo containing a high-level summary of the proposed TRM changes that may have an impact on program offerings: Memo from IL-TRM Administrator to IL-TRM Stakeholders and Interested Parties: IL-TRM Version 11.0 Change Impact Summary (7/12/2022)
  • The goal of the memo is to provide an aid for the utilities and other TAC participants to help disseminate information on the proposed updates to the TRM to additional stakeholder groups who may be less involved in the TAC discussions or aware of their potential outcomes. The goal is to promote a wider high-level understanding of the proposed changes that are likely to have the highest impact on a measure’s savings and/or cost effectiveness, or require changes to how measures are implemented, in order that program implementation plans can progress with the awareness of where changes to offerings may occur. While these changes are still in draft form, this early view of the proposed changes will allow any input from the additional stakeholder groups to be provided before final decisions are made, allowing the TAC appropriate time to review, discuss, and reach consensus on the appropriate path forward.

Almost Final Draft Deliverable (9/9/2022)

Comments due by Friday, September 16

Comments on the documents below should be uploaded to the Stakeholder Comments folder on the SharePoint site here. At this point, we are expecting only minor comments and issues of clarification or error. As usual, to ease the administration multiple comments and to maintain transparency in the commenting process, please provide one redlined document per company for each document for which you have additional comments or edits. Please add your company name and date to the file name. Please highlight any comments/concerns that we should consider non-consensus issues unless they can be resolved during the next phase, by adding “POTENTIAL NON-CONSENSUS” at the start of the comment. Reach out to [email protected] if you need access to SharePoint.

Second Deliverable (8/5/2022)

Comments were due Friday, August 19

First Deliverable (6/24/2022)

Comments were due Friday, July 15