Illinois Statewide Technical Reference Manual Version 12.0

Annual IL-TRM Update Process

  • The IL-TRM Technical Advisory Committee and annual IL-TRM update process is facilitated by VEIC. To join the IL-TRM Technical Advisory Committee, please email [email protected].
  • There is a structured process at the beginning of each IL-TRM update cycle for IL-TRM Technical Advisory Committee participants to submit new measures and changes to existing measures. The priority measure list was finalized March 31, 2023, and is linked below under “Final Priority Measure List.”
  • Regular meetings are held by teleconference with IL-TRM Technical Advisory Committee participants to reach agreement on measure updates and additions to the IL-TRM.
  • The IL-TRM Version 12.0 update process held a kick-off meeting in February 2023.
  • For additional information on the IL-TRM and prior versions of the IL-TRM, please visit the main IL-TRM page.

Final Priority Measure List

IL-TRM Deliverables

  • Deliverables for the Version 12.0 IL-TRM update process are shared with the IL-TRM Technical Advisory Committee by VEIC, the IL-TRM Administrator. Deliverables are also shared with the large group SAG distribution list, and posted on this page.

IL-TRM Change Summary Memo – June 30, 2023

IL-TRM Deviation Memo

IL-TRM Version 12.0 Final Deliverable – Sept. 21, 2023

IL-TRM Version 12.0 Almost Final Deliverable – Sept. 8, 2023

IL-TRM Version 12.0 Second Deliverable – August 4, 2023

IL-TRM Version 12.0 First Deliverable – June 23, 2023