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Illinois Statewide Technical Reference Manual

The Illinois Technical Reference Manual (IL-TRM) is updated on an annual basis. Version 7.0 was approved by the Illinois Commerce Commission in December 2018. Click here to access the IL-TRM Version 8.0 page.

IL-TRM Policy Document
Click here to download the Policy Document for the Illinois Statewide Technical Reference Manual for Energy Efficiency (May 5, 2017)

Participation in IL-TRM Update Process

  • To join the IL-TRM Technical Advisory Committee and get access to the IL-TRM SharePoint site, please email the Illinois TRM Administrator, VEIC: iltrmadministrator@veic.org. Please note the Vendor Participation Policy below before requesting to participate.
  • To join the SAG distribution list, please email SAG Facilitation: Celia@CeliaJohnsonConsulting.com

Vendor Participation Policy (posted March 26, 2018)

A conflict of interest is present when a Product Representative, in the judgment of the IL-TRM Administrator, has a financial stake in a discussion topic and participation by the Product Representative could have adverse consequences, such as hindering complete and frank discussions. To prevent conflicts of interest, financially-interested Product Representatives will not participate in the IL-TRM Version 7.0 measure selection, IL-TRM Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) meetings or the consensus process, unless invited to participate in the IL-TRM TAC of the SAG by the IL-TRM Administrator.  The IL-TRM Administrator will honor reasonable requests from utilities to invite Product Representatives to present factual information or to answer questions on a specific measure under discussion for inclusion in the annual TRM update.  

  • “Product Representatives” means a financially-interested party or parties that works for or on behalf of a company that sells a product that is or may be included as a measure in the IL-TRM.

IL-TRM Request Tracker

There is a structured process at the beginning of each IL-TRM update cycle for participants to submit new measures and changes to existing measures. The deadline for measure requests for IL-TRM Version 8.0 will be in February 2019.  Participants may also submit measure requests to the IL-TRM Request Tracker on SharePoint throughout the year. Measure requests submitted past the deadline for annual IL-TRM updates may not be considered until the next update cycle.

Current Workpaper Template

Illinois Statewide IL-TRM Workpaper Template 2019

Illinois Net-to-Gross Methods

Click here for information on Illinois NTG Methods.

IL-TRM Errata Documents

There is a separate page for each version of the Illinois Statewide Technical Reference Manual (IL-TRM). Click on the links below for more information:

The links below include final versions of the IL-TRM and associated errata, beginning with the most recently completed (Version 7.0):

Policies regarding the TRM and its application, deviation, and updating process:

ICC Dockets related to approval of IL-TRM

  • 13-0077: Adoption of policies for the IL-TRM
  • 12-0528: Approval of IL-TRM Version 1.0
  • 13-0437: Approval of IL-TRM Version 2.0
  • 14-0189: Approval of IL-TRM Version 3.0
  • 15-0187: Approval of IL-TRM Version 4.0
  • 16-0171: Approval of IL-TRM Version 5.0
  • 17-0106: Approval of IL-TRM Version 6.0
  • 18-1605: Approval of IL-TRM Version 7.0

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Sources and References Documents (Final Version 3.0)

Residential Measure References (zip files):

Other reference files (zip files):