Illinois Energy Efficiency 

Stakeholder Advisory Group


  • SAG will meet by teleconference on Monday, January 14 for an overview of the 2019 SAG Plan. Large group SAG meetings will be held in-person on a quarterly basis in 2019 (dates TBD). Large group SAG meetings may also be convened by teleconference, as needed.
  • Draft evaluation plans are currently available for review. Click here for more information on draft evaluation plans.
  • The Policy Manual Version 2.0 Subcommittee is currently meeting to discuss edits to the Policy Manual. If you are interested in joining the Subcommittee, please contact the SAG Facilitator: Celia@CeliaJohnsonConsulting.com.
  • If you are interested in participating in the SAG Non-Energy Impacts Working Group, please contact the SAG Facilitator: Celia@CeliaJohnsonConsulting.com. The next meeting is anticipated in early 2019.

Innovative Ideas

Click here to take the SAG Innovative Idea Survey.

  • One of the key SAG goals for the 2018-2021 EE Plan is to educate participants on and encourage the discussion of innovative ideas. An "innovative idea" may be an issue in the EE industry, a successful EE or related program in another jurisdiction, a method of reaching customers, an efficiency measure or product being tested in a new manner, etc.
  • If you are interested in presenting an innovative idea to SAG, please complete this survey. Survey responses are automatically sent to the SAG Facilitator (Celia Johnson) for consideration at future SAG meetings. Innovative ideas will be scheduled for SAG discussion as time and resources permit.

2018 Large Group SAG Meetings

SAG Participation
Participation in SAG is open to all interested parties, unless a topic presents a financial conflict of interest. Topics that present conflicts of interest are identified in advance by the SAG Facilitator. Contact the SAG Facilitator to join the SAG distribution list: Celia@CeliaJohnsonConsulting.com.


Adjustable Savings Goals

Click here  for more information about Adjustable Savings Goals, a policy applicable to Illinois gas utilities in accordance with the Illinois Energy Efficiency Policy Manual.

2018-2021 Energy Efficiency Plan Dockets