2020 SAG Portfolio Planning Process

The objective of the SAG Portfolio Planning Process in 2020 was to reach consensus on Illinois Energy Efficiency Portfolio Plans for 2022-2025 prior to utilities filing Plans for approval with the Illinois Commerce Commission on or before March 1, 2021.

A SAG Portfolio Planning Process kick-off was held in March 2020 at the March 10 and March 11 SAG meetings. Key steps to the planning process were scheduled jointly with the IQ North and IQ South EE Advisory Committees. Click here to download a summary of key steps to the 2020 Planning Process.

2020 SAG Planning Materials

SAG Request for Energy Efficiency Ideas

2020 Large Group SAG Meetings for the Portfolio Planning Process

Visit the Meetings page for a full list of SAG meetings held in 2020 and in prior years. Visit the Calendar page for links to upcoming SAG meetings.

  • March 10 and March 11 (utilities present overview of current EE Portfolios)
  • April 14 (COVID-19 updates from utilities)
  • May 12 and May 13 (stakeholders present proposed Energy Efficiency Ideas)
  • June 3 (stakeholders present proposed Energy Efficiency Ideas)
  • June 16 and June 17 (utilities provide initial responses to proposed Energy Efficiency Ideas)
  • June 23 (ComEd Potential Study results)
  • August 26 (PG/NSG Potential Study results)
  • August 27 (ComEd mid-year portfolio update + AMI data discussion)
  • September 2 (Ameren IL Potential Study results)
  • Annual NTG Update Process – September
    • September 3
    • September 11
    • September 18
    • September 25
  • October 1 (equity hiring and workforce development)
  • October 26 and October 27 (utilities present preliminary 2022-2025 EE Portfolios)
  • November 10 (Nicor Gas EE Portfolio Potential)
  • November 16 and November 17 (initial feedback on preliminary EE Portfolios)