2020 Energy Efficiency Ideas

“Energy Efficiency Ideas” submitted as part of the 2020 SAG Portfolio Planning Process are available for review below.

Energy Efficiency Ideas

Bronzeville Community Development Partnership Idea: Community EV Charging Pilot

Community Action Partnership of Lake County: IHWAP Braiding Approach

Crosswalk Community Action Agency: HVAC Funding for IHWAP

Meadows Eastside Community Resource Organization Idea: Light Up the Night

People for Community Recovery Ideas:

Rebuilding Together Metro Chicago Idea: Health & Safety Repairs

Senior Services Plus Ideas:

ExxonMobil Idea: Energy Efficient Hydraulic Oil and Gear Oil

Natural Resources Defense Council Ideas:

Elevate Energy and New Ecology Idea: Remote Monitoring and Optimization (ReMO) Program

Elevate Energy Ideas:

Environmental Law & Policy Center (ELPC) Idea: Advanced Power Strips

Geothermal Exchange Organization Idea: Geothermal Systems

Energy Resource Center/UIC Idea: Condo PTAC/PTHP Pilot Conversion

Indoor Climate Research & Training/U of I Ideas:

Skill Demand Idea: Advanced Powerstrips for Medium to Large Commercial Office Buildings

Citizens Utility Board Ideas: 1-8 Summary Document

  • Idea #1: All Illinois Utilities – Website
  • Idea #2: Ameren Illinois, ComEd, and Nicor Gas – Utility Coordination
  • Idea #3: All Illinois Utilities – Training and Education
  • Idea #4: All Illinois Utilities – Community Engagement
  • Idea #5: Ameren Illinois and ComEd – Demand Response
  • Idea #6: All Illinois Utilities – IHWAP Utility-Braided Program
  • Idea #7: All Illinois Utilities – Renter Resources
  • Idea #8: All Illinois Utilities – On-Bill Financing

Smart Energy Design Assistance Center (SEDAC) Idea: Statewide IL State Agency Facilities Program

Community Investment Corp. Ideas: 1-8 Summary Document

  • Idea #1: Portfolio Applications
  • Idea #2: Additional Gas Funding for Joint, Comprehensive Upgrade Programs (Nicor Gas)
  • Idea #3: One Stop Shop Marketing – All MF Programs
  • Idea #4: Enhance MF building owner customer outreach by targeting building owners
  • Idea #5: Determine IQ eligibility using the qualification methodologies that are the least burdensome and time-consuming for building owners
  • Idea #6: Enable EE programs to incentivize bringing vacant/distressed units to above-code EE
  • Idea #7: Combining incentive and financing programs
  • Idea #8: Improve EE programs for non-owner occupied 1 and 2-unit homes

National Consumer Law Center Ideas:

Google Idea: Virtually Assisted Self-Installations

U.S. EPA Energy Star Ideas: