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SAG Portfolio Planning Process

This page includes information about the planning process for Illinois Program Administrators from September 2015 to September 2016.

The objective of the SAG Portfolio Planning Process was to reach as much consensus as possible on issues related to Illinois Energy Efficiency Portfolio Plans prior to the Program Administrator Plan filings for approval by the Illinois Commerce Commission in fall 2016. Illinois Program Administrators include Ameren Illinois, ComEd, the Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity, Nicor Gas, and Peoples Gas-North Shore Gas. The SAG Facilitation team completed outreach to various stakeholders in fall 2015 to identify key issues and concerns early, to be addressed during this process. The Planning Process was held from September 2015 to September 2016, and has now concluded. Please review the documents below for additional information. 

Process Documents

  • Flow Chart (final draft; updated 12/31/15)
  • Project Plan Overview (final draft; updated 12/31/15)
  • Attachments to Project Plan (final draft; updated 12/31/15)
  • Updated 2016 IL EE SAG Schedule (updated 7/21/16)
  • Note: Negotiation meetings on Program Administrator Energy Efficiency Plans were held from June - September 2016, as needed, between IL Program Administrators and non-financially interested stakeholders that intervene in EE Plan dockets and expressed an interest in settlement.

2016 EE Plan Filing Dates

  • On or before September 1: Electric energy efficiency Plans due (See Section 8-103, Public Utilities Act)
  • On or before October 1: Gas energy efficiency Plans due (See Section 8-104, Public Utilities Act)


Draft* Policy Manual Guidelines
Summary of Key Principles Related to Third Party Incentives to Ensure Accurate TRC Calculations (May 16, 2016)

  • The “TRC Key Principles” document is intended to supplement and clarify (but not modify) how the TRC is calculated in version 1.0 of the Policy Manual.  Program Administrators are encouraged to consult and be consistent with the document during the Plan filings.  It will be available for download on the SAG website soon.  As discussed in the C/E meetings, the intent is to turn the “TRC Key Principles” document into a “Guideline” after the plan fillings as a supplement to Policy Manual Version 1.0.
  • *Note: The guidelines document above is listed as "draft" because a process for adopting Guidelines is in development (following the EE Plan filings in fall 2016).

Proposed Policy Templates (Policy Manual Version 2.0)

The list below includes proposed policies submitted through the SAG Portfolio Planning Process. Proposed policies will be discussed in the Policy Manual Subcommittee Version 2.0 process. Policy topics are listed under each proponent. Click here to download the policy proposal tracking list. Completed policy proposals are available for download on the Policy Manual Subcommittee page. Contact SAG Facilitation (Celia.Johnson@FutEE.biz) to join the Policy Manual Subcommittee.

Ameren IL Company Proposals:

(Note: Proposed policies are in individual tabs in one document)

1. Multi-Year Savings Goals

2. Savings Goals Adjustment with Budget

3. Streamlined Savings Approval

4. EE IPA - Any necessary policy adjustments or clarifications arising out of the ICC Docket No. 15-0487 (EE Policy Manual Approval) and/or 15-0541 (2016 IPA Plan Approval)

Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity:

5. Data access - Public Sector and Low Income Customers

ICC Staff:

(Note: Proposed policies are in one document)

6. Standardized Statewide Reporting by Specific Deadline Each Year

7. Independence Provisions

8. Non-Energy Benefits (NEB) Categories

9. Bankruptcy and Savings Verification

10. Carry-over items from Policy Manual Version 1.0 and other stakeholder workshops

IL Attorney General's Office:

11. EM&V Disclosure (See attachment - Proposed Language Amendments)

12. Interactive Effects (See attachment - Memo)

13. Inducements update (See attachment - GATA Use of Public Funds)

14. Budget Stalemate for IL Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity

15. Improved Data Collection and Sharing

Natural Resources Defense Council:

16. Valuation of Non-Energy Benefits (NEBs)

Nicor Gas:

17. Adjustable Savings Goal

18. Gross Savings(See attachment - IL Gross Savings Policy Whitepaper)

Proposed New Program, Measure, and Program Change Templates

The lists below include proposed program/measure ideas and proposed program changes. The title of each proposal is listed under both categories, with the SAG participant that submitted the proposal indicated in parenthesis. Click on individual links to download the proposal(s). Click here to download the proposal tracking list.

  • Please note: The deadline to submit proposals to SAG has passed. The deadline was COB on Monday, Nov. 9, 2015. Proposals were discussed at the November and December Large Group SAG meetings. Contact SAG Facilitation (Celia.Johnson@FutEE.biz) to join the SAG distribution list.

Completed Program/Measure Idea Templates
1. Mid-stream Pump Program for Unitary (VFD, ECM Motor and Pump), Self-Optimized Pumping Solutions (Grundfos Pump Corp.)
2.  Memorandum – New and Modified Efficiency Portfolio Ideas and Thoughts + Proposed Template for LED Street Lighting (IL AG)
3. Voltage Optimization Program (ComEd)
4. Tier 2 Commercial Office APS (Embertec)
5.  Data Analytics (FirstFuel)
6.  IL Midwest CoGen Association Proposals:

7.  Ameren IL Program Proposals:

8. All-Electric Home Retrofit Program; single family and multifamily (NRDC)
9.  Residential Third-Party Pay-for-Performance Pilot Program (Open Energy Efficiency)
10.  Tree Shade for Energy Savings (Metropolitan Mayors Caucus and Elevate Energy) - Background information: Tree Shade in Other Jurisdictions
11.  Environmental Law & Policy Center Program Proposals:

IL AG Proposals:

12.  Residential and Enhanced Rebate Program (Low-Moderate Income) (IL    AG)
13.  Cross-Cutting Low Income Energy Efficiency Programs - Additional Funding for Eligible Residential Customers (IL AG)
14.  Delta Lumin Program - Low and Moderate Income Customers (Delta Institute)
15.  Tier 2 APS Joint Proposal (Embertec and TrickleStar)

16.Tier 1 Residential APS (Tricklestar)

Completed Program Change Templates
1.  Savings Measurement Software - Home Performance Programs and the Smart Thermostat measure; all Program Administrators (EnergySavvy)
2.  Nicor Gas Portfolio Changes (Nicor Gas)
3.  IL AG Proposed Changes:

4.  Community Investment Corp Proposals:

5.  Citizens Utility Board Proposed Changes:

6.  Ameren IL Proposed Changes:

Due Dates

Monday, Nov. 9, 2015: Proposed New Program Idea Templates Due (By COB) - Please note: This deadline has passed.

  • Program Administrators, stakeholders, and any interested SAG participant with a proposed new program idea must submit a completed Proposed New Program Idea Template to SAG Facilitation (Celia.Johnson@FutEE.biz) no later than COB on Monday, November 9.
  • “New program ideas” include the following:
    • A new EE program not currently offered in Illinois funded through 8-103/8-104 or 16.111B funding;
    • A new high impact EE measure not currently offered in Illinois (high impact = an estimated impact of greater than 1% of an EE Portfolio); or
    • A significant proposed change to a current Illinois EE program.

  • SAG participants are expected to make a good faith effort to fill out as much information as possible in the template by the due date. Additional information may be provided at a later time, if needed. SAG Facilitation may follow-up and request additional information after templates are submitted. Templates submitted after the November 9 deadline may not be considered due to time constrains.
  • If you need help filling out the Proposed New Program Idea Template or researching required information, contact SAG Facilitation for assistance (Celia.Johnson@FutEE.biz).
  • Discussion on new program ideas will be held at the November 16-17 and December14-15, 2015 SAG meetings.

Friday, Dec. 4, 2015: Completed Proposed Policy Templates Due (By COB) - Please note: This deadline has passed.

  • Program Administrators, stakeholders, and any interested SAG participant with a proposed policy issue to be addressed that is not already included in the IL EE Policy Manual must submit a completed template to SAG Facilitation (Celia.Johnson@FutEE.biz). Policy issues will be discussed in the Policy Manual Subcommittee Version 2.0 process, anticipated to begin in early 2016 after the Version 1.0 Order from the Commission is final. Contact SAG Facilitation to join the Policy Manual Subcommittee.
  • Click here to download the Policy Manual Version 2.0 Tracking List.

Please note: Completed templates are available for download on this page and on the applicable Meeting Materials page.

Large Group SAG: Portfolio Planning Process Meetings
September 28-29, 2015
October 26-27, 2015
November 16-17, 2015
December 14-15, 2015
January 25-26, 2016
February 22-23, 2016
March 28-29, 2016
April 26, 2016
May 16-17, 2016
June 28, 2016

August 30, 2016
September 27, 2016