Fuel Conversion Working Group

The purpose of the Fuel Conversion Working Group is:

  1. To provide a forum to discuss fuel conversion policy questions that were raised during the 2020 Illinois Technical Reference Manual (IL-TRM) update process, for IL-TRM Version 9.0; and
  2. If possible, to reach consensus on fuel conversion policy questions.

The Fuel Conversion Working Group will coordinate with the IL-TRM Administrator and IL-TRM Technical Advisory Committee, and will report back to the large group SAG, as needed.

Please note: The Fuel Conversion Working Group has no additional meetings planned at this time.

  • Following the July meeting, the Fuel Conversion Working Group paused policy discussions due to lack of consensus and a pending energy bill in IL. A follow-up meeting will be scheduled in the future, if needed.
  • The following document provides background and a summary of SAG Working Group meetings held from March to July: SAG Fuel Conversion Working Group: Background and Meeting Summary (7/26/21)

2021 Working Group Plan and Schedule

2021 Working Group Plan

SAG Fuel Conversion Working Group 2021 Plan (Final, 3/23/2021)

Working Group Participation

Participation in the Fuel Conversion Working Group is open to all, unless a topic may present a financial conflict of interest. Please contact the SAG Facilitator to join this Working Group: [email protected]

Fuel Conversion Policy Questions