Evaluation Working Group

The purpose of the Evaluation Working Group is to discuss evaluation questions that are more technical in nature and may not be of interest to all large group SAG participants. This Working Group is new, established in 2021. Meetings will be planned on an as-needed basis.

Working Group Participation

Participation in the Evaluation Working Group is open to all, unless a topic may present a financial conflict of interest. Please contact the SAG Facilitator to join this Working Group: [email protected]

Open Policy Questions

2022 Working Group Meetings

  • Evaluation Working Group meetings are scheduled on an as-needed basis. There are currently no meetings scheduled in 2022.

2021 Working Group Meetings

Evaluation Working Group Tracker

The purpose of the Evaluation Topic Tracker is to track topics and open questions that may need to be discussed by the Working Group. Click here to download the SAG Evaluation Topic Tracker (updated March 29, 2021)

Prior Small Group SAG Evaluation Meetings

In 2020 and early 2021, before the SAG Evaluation Working Group was created, several small group SAG meetings were held to discuss open evaluation questions:

  • 2021 Small Group SAG Meeting
    • Monday, February 22 Meeting: Discussed how ongoing engagement should affect persistence in business programs; introduced savings normalization options for 2021
  • 2020 Small Group SAG Meetings
    • Small group SAG meetings were held from June to November 2020, to discuss open evaluation issues related to COVID-19 impacts and other evaluation questions. Going forward, technical evaluation questions will be discussed by the Evaluation Working Group.
    • For additional information, review: Background on 2020 SAG Evaluation Questions
    • 2020 Small Group SAG Meetings:
      • June 11, 2020 Meeting: Discuss evaluation impacts due to the COVID-19 pandemic
      • August 24, 2020 Meeting: Follow-up discussion on COVID-19 evaluation impacts; discuss resolution of the option the evaluators will use to count 2020 custom savings
      • November 13, 2020 Meeting: Discuss potential evaluation treatment of business closures; discuss questions raised by Guidehouse on treatment of negative savings by evaluation.
  • Status of Open Evaluation Questions