Reporting Working Group

The purpose of the Reporting Working Group is to discuss utility reporting items referenced in 2022-2025 EE Plan Stipulated Agreements, requested by ComEd and Nicor Gas.

Working Group Participation

Participation in the Evaluation Working Group is open to all, unless a topic may present a financial conflict of interest. Please contact the SAG Facilitator to join this Working Group: [email protected]

2021 Working Group Meetings

Background on Utility Reporting

  • Utilities prepare Quarterly Reports and Annual Reports to provide progress updates on EE programs
  • Reports are filed with the ICC
  • Reports are posted on the Utility Reports page of SAG website + circulated to SAG
  • Utility reporting requirements come from the Policy Manual
    • See Section 6, Program Administration and Reporting
    • Any additional changes to reporting will need to be proposed through the next Policy Manual update process (anticipated in 2022)