Reporting Working Group

Background on Utility Reporting

Illinois utilities prepare quarterly and annual reports on EE portfolio progress.

  • Quarterly and annual reports are filed with the ICC, posted on the Utility Reports page of the SAG website, and circulated to SAG.
  • Illinois utilities report-out to the large group SAG twice per year on EE portfolio progress.
  • There is a lengthy list of quarterly and annual reporting requirements already included in the Policy Manual, and reporting is also referenced in 2022-2025 EE Plan stipulated agreements.
  • The SAG Reporting Working Group meets on an as-needed basis to discuss utility reporting.

Working Group Participation

Participation in the Reporting Working Group is open to all, unless a topic may present a financial conflict of interest. Please contact the SAG Facilitator to join this Working Group: [email protected]

Fall 2023/Early 2024 Working Group Purpose

The purpose of the SAG Reporting Working Group Metrics Process in fall 2023 and early 2024 is for Illinois utilities and interested stakeholders to reach consensus on specific reporting metrics to address the new reporting principles added to Policy Manual Version 3.0, including:

  • Income Qualified Multi-Family Reporting Principles
  • Income Qualified Health and Safety Reporting Principles
  • Equity and Affordability Reporting Principles
  • Diverse Contracting Reporting Principles

Reporting Policies

The new reporting principle policies added to Policy Manual Version 3.0 (finalized in fall 2023) are available here: Reporting Principles Added to Policy Manual Version 3.0 (Final 9/25/2023)

Final Draft Reporting Metrics

The reporting metrics below are pending resolution of open items.

Final Draft Diverse Contracting Metrics:

Final Draft Income Qualified Multi-Family Metrics:

Final Draft Income Qualified Health and Safety Metrics:

Final Draft Equity and Affordability Metrics:

Fall 2023/Early 2024 Working Group Meetings

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