Reporting Working Group

The purpose of the Reporting Working Group is to discuss utility reporting, as needed.

Working Group Participation

Participation in the Reporting Working Group is open to all, unless a topic may present a financial conflict of interest. Please contact the SAG Facilitator to join this Working Group: [email protected]

2023 Working Group Meetings

2022 Working Group Meetings

2021 Working Group Meetings

Background on Utility Reporting

  • Utilities prepare Quarterly Reports and Annual Reports to provide progress updates on EE programs
  • Reports are filed with the ICC
  • Reports are posted on the Utility Reports page of SAG website + circulated to SAG following the end of each quarter
  • Utility reporting requirements come from the Policy Manual
    • See Section 6, Program Administration and Reporting
    • Any additional changes to reporting will need to be proposed through the Policy Manual update process