COVID-19 Resources

The COVID-19 pandemic is significantly impacting customer-facing energy efficiency programs in Illinois and across the country. This website page was created to share a variety of resources with SAG participants. Please contact the SAG Facilitator with any suggested information to post.

SAG Meetings

The following SAG meetings addressed issues related to COVID-19:

  • Tuesday, April 14, 2020 SAG Meeting
  • 2020 Small Group SAG Meetings
    • Small group SAG meetings were held from June to November 2020, to discuss open evaluation issues related to COVID-19 impacts and other evaluation questions. Going forward, technical evaluation questions will be discussed by the Evaluation Working Group.
    • For additional information, review: Background on 2020 SAG Evaluation Questions
    • 2020 Small Group SAG Meetings:
      • June 11, 2020 Meeting: Discuss evaluation impacts due to the COVID-19 pandemic
      • August 24, 2020 Meeting: Follow-up discussion on COVID-19 evaluation impacts; discuss resolution of the option the evaluators will use to count 2020 custom savings
      • November 13, 2020 Meeting: Discuss potential evaluation treatment of business closures; discuss questions raised by Guidehouse on treatment of negative savings by evaluation.
  • Visit the SAG Evaluation Working Group meeting page for additional information.

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