Illinois Energy Efficiency 

Stakeholder Advisory Group

Non-Energy Impacts Working Group

The SAG Non-Energy Impacts Working Group held a kick-off teleconference meeting in August 2018. The purpose of this Working Group is to discuss and reach agreement on defensible methodologies to use across the state related to calculating nonenergy impacts and how the NEI results would be included in utilities’ reporting, cost-effectiveness analyses, and the IL-TRM.

  • Participation is open, unless a topic presents a financial conflict of interest.
  • Please contact Celia Johnson to join this Working Group:  Celia@CeliaJohnsonConsulting.com

Upcoming Meetings

  • The next Working Group meeting will be scheduled by teleconference in early 2019.

Non-Energy Impact Research Plans

Final Ameren Illinois NEI Research Plan (Opinion Dynamics, 10/5/18)

Draft ComEd NEI Research Plan (Navigant)

  • Comments due Aug. 22. Send comments to Patricia Plympton: patricia.plympton@navigant.com

Additional NEI Documents (posted in December 2018)

Meeting #1: Wednesday, August 29

Agenda (v2)

Navigant Presentation: Highlights of Non-Energy Impacts Research Plan for ComEd

Opinion Dynamics Presentation: Non-Energy Impacts Working Group Draft NEI Research Plan for Ameren Illinois 

Quantifying the Multiple Benefits of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy: A Guide for State and Local Governments (U.S. EPA, 2018)


Attendee List and Meeting Notes (9/14/18)

ComEd Evaluator Responses to Stakeholder Feedback