Policy Manual Guidelines

Draft* Policy Manual Guidelines

*Note: The guidelines documents below are listed as “draft” because a process for adopting Guidelines is in development (following the EE Plan filings in fall 2016).

Cost-Effectiveness Guidelines

Summary of Key Principles Related to Third Party Incentives to Ensure Accurate TRC Calculations (May 16, 2016)

  • The “TRC Key Principles” document linked above is intended to supplement and clarify (but not modify) how the TRC is calculated in Policy Manual Version 1.0.  Program Administrators are encouraged to consult and be consistent with the TRC Key Principles document during the Energy Efficiency Plan filings. As discussed in the SAG cost-effectiveness meetings held in April and May 2016, the intent is to turn the “TRC Key Principles” document into a “Guideline” after the Plan fillings as a supplement to Policy Manual Version 1.0.

EEPS Adjustable Savings Goals

Updated April 10, 2017

Archived Versions:

Adjustable Savings Goals Policy Guidelines (under final review – coming soon)

  • A small group of the Policy Manual Subcommittee developed a draft Adjustable Savings Goals Policy Guidelines document and draft Adjustable Savings Goal Template in spring 2016, to interpret the Adjustable Savings Goals policy approved in Policy Manual Version 1.0 (See IL EE Policy Manual Version 1.0, Section 6.0, Program Administration and Reporting, Subsection 6.2, Adjustable Savings Goals).
  • SAG held several teleconference meetings in spring and summer 2016 with Illinois Program Administrators and interested stakeholders, to discuss comments and questions on the draft Policy Guidelines and Template.  The Policy Guidelines and Template document are intended to interpret the approved Adjustable Savings Goals policy.
  • Click here to download the final draft Adjustable Savings Goals Policy Guidelines (8/1/16).