Illinois Energy Efficiency

Stakeholder Advisory Group

SAG Subcommittees

SAG Subcommittees are established on an as-needed basis. Meeting information is only circulated to interested attendees. Email Celia Johnson (Celia@CeliaJohnsonConsulting.com) if you are interested in participating in a Subcommittee.

Open Subcommittees:

None at this time.

Closed Subcommittees:

Policy Manual Version 2.0 Subcommittee

Large C&I Self-Direct Pilot Program Subcommittee

Combined Heat and Power (CHP) Subcommittee

Illinois Energy Efficiency Successes Subcommittee (Version 1)

Total Resource Cost (TRC) Test Subcommittee

2016 Illinois Power Agency (IPA) Workshops Subcommittee

Illinois Energy Efficiency Policy Manual Subcommittee (Version 1.0)