Illinois Energy Efficiency 

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IL Statewide Technical Reference Manual, Version 7.0


  • To join the IL-TRM Technical Advisory Committee and get access to the IL-TRM SharePoint site, please email ILTRMAdministrator@veic.org.
  • To join the SAG distribution list, please email Celia.Johnson@FutEE.biz.
  • For links to prior versions of the IL-TRM, please visit the main IL-TRM page.
  • Click here to download the 2017 TRM Workpaper Template

IL-TRM Version 7.0 Draft 1 - June 28, 2018

Draft 1 Volumes for Comment

IL-TRM Version 7 Volume 1: Overview and User Guide

IL-TRM Version 7 Volume 2: Commercial and Industrial Measures

IL-TRM Version 7 Volume 3: Residential Measures

IL-TRM Version 7 Volume 4: Cross-Cutting Measures and Attachments

  • Comment Instructions: Comments can be uploaded to the Stakeholder Comments folder on the SharePoint site here. As usual, to ease the administration of a large volume of comments and to maintain transparency in the commenting process, please provide one redlined document per company for each document for which you have additional comments or edits. Please add your company name and date to the file name.
  • Please provide your redline edits and comments by Thursday, July 19, 2018. Please contact me or iltrmadministrator@veic.org if you have questions, have problems uploading your comments, or need help navigating the IL TRM TAC SharePoint site.

Introductory Meetings

  • Tuesday, February 27, 2018: TRM TAC Teleconference. VEIC will provide an overview of the Version 7.0 update process, including a request for interested participants to propose new high and medium priority IL-TRM Updates for the VEIC TRM Request Tracker, review the 'Open' and 'On Hold' items on the tracker, and adjust priority levels for proposed measures.
  • Tuesday, March 27, 2018:TRM TAC Teleconference to discuss measure prioritization for IL-TRM Version 7.0.
  • After March 27, 2018:TRM TAC will schedule routine teleconference meetings, as needed.


  • To be finalized in Feb./March 2018.

Deliverables and Deadlines

  • To be finalized in Feb./March 2018.