Evaluator NTG Recommendations for EPY10/GPY7

SAG holds annual teleconference meetings to review recommended NTG values prepared by independent evaluators and reach agreement on NTG values for the next Program Year. See below for background information and final Net-to-Gross materials. NTG discussions for the program year beginning on June 1, 2017 were held in February 2017 to reach agreement on NTG values by March 1, 2017. Draft NTG recommendations are removed from this page after NTG values are finalized.

Additional NTG Documents

Corrected NTG Documents – Northern Illinois Utilities (3/20/19)

Navigant corrected an error in the documents below. NTG recommendations finalized in spring 2017 did not reflect the IL-TRM v 6.0 specification that faucet aerators of residential programs should have their free ridership set at 0 (when estimating gross savings using the IL-TRM specified baseline average water flow rate). 

Final NTG Documents

Ameren Illinois


Nicor Gas

Peoples Gas-North Shore Gas

NTG Evaluation Research Memos


The first review was completed February 7, 2017, and the summary of follow up items is available here for download. The second review was completed February 21, 2017, and the summary of follow up items is available here for download. The final review meeting was completed Tuesday, February 28, 2017, and the summary is available here for download.

  • See Policy Manual Version 1.0, Section 7.2 (Net-to-Gross Policy) for additional information on this process. In developing the evaluators’ final recommended deemed NTG ratios, evaluators review SAG feedback, take into account all comments and discussions, with the intent of making their best estimate of future actual NTG ratio values for the upcoming Program Year. Evaluators shall report final deemed NTG values on or before March 1.