IL Statewide TRM Version 4.0

Specific information and documentation related to IL-TRM Version 4.0, including a measure tracker, is available on the TRM Administrator SharePoint site. Please contact ([email protected]) for access.


Updated Final (circulated 2/24/2015):

IL TRM Version 4.0 Reference Files:

Commercial and Industrial Zip Files: 

Commercial and Industrial Zip Files (4.4 HVAC End Use):

Final (circulated 2/13/2015):

Public Notice from ICC Staff of Feb. 20, 2015 Deadline for Objections

  • The final IL TRM Version 4.0 is the end result of an annual collaborative update process.  Version 4.0 was arrived at through four structured stakeholder review and commenting opportunities involving the SAG, in addition to over 25 meetings with interested stakeholders to discuss details regarding the various IL-TRM updates.​​

June 10, 2014: A SAG Technical Advisory Committee Teleconference was held, in part to discuss the process for determining priority measures.