Tuesday, July 18 Q3 SAG Meeting (Day 1)

The third quarter SAG meeting will be split into two days: Tuesday, July 18 and Wednesday, July 19 The agenda and presentations will be posted and circulated in advance.

Wednesday, September 6 SAG Meeting (NTG #1)

The purpose of the September 6 SAG meeting is for the Ameren Illinois, ComEd, Nicor Gas, and Peoples Gas/North Shore Gas evaluators to present initial net-to-gross (NTG) recommendations for the […]

Wednesday, September 13 SAG Meeting (NTG #2)

The purpose of the September 13 SAG meeting is to discuss follow-up on evaluator net-to-gross (NTG) recommendations for the 2024 program year. This is the second of four meetings to […]

Wednesday, September 27 SAG Meeting (NTG #4)

The purpose of the September 27 SAG meeting is to finalize consensus on 2024 program year NTG values. NTG values must be finalized by October 1. Visit this year’s NTG page for additional […]