Illinois Power Agency

This page includes information about prior SAG workshops addressing EE program issues related to Section 16-111.5B. Visit the Illinois Power Agency website for more information about their duties and activities.


Section 16-111.5(d)(2) of the Public Utilities Act, 220 ILCS 5/1-101, requires the Illinois Power Agency (“IPA”) to prepare an annual power procurement plan.  Among other things, the purpose of the power procurement plan is to secure electricity commodity and associated transmission services to meet the needs of eligible retail customers in the service areas of ComEd, Ameren Illinois and MidAmerican Energy. In 2011, Section 16-111.5B was enacted as part of Public Act 97-0616, the Energy Infrastructure and Modernization Act. Section 16-111.5B  requires the IPA to include the following in its Procurement Plan: [A]n assessment of opportunities to expand the programs promoting energy efficiency measures that have been offered under plans approved pursuant to Section 8-103 of this Act or to implement additional cost-effective energy efficiency programs or measures. The Future Energy Jobs Act, Public Act 99-0906, changed Section 16-111.5B – the electric utilities ComEd and Ameren Illinois are now responsible for third party energy efficiency programs. The new phase of third party programs will begin in 2019.

IPA Procurement Plan Dockets
12-0544: Petition for Approval of the 220 ILCS 5/16-111.5(d) Procurement Plan
13-0546: Petition for Approval of the 2014 IPA Procurement Plan
14-0588: Petition for Approval of the 2015 IPA Procurement Plan

15-0541: Petition for Approval of the 2016 IPA Procurement Plan

2016 IPA Workshop Subcommittee*

*Please note: During IPA Workshop #1, the SAG Facilitation Team and Subcommittee participants determined that due to the nature of discussions, parties with a financial interest, including those who expect to bid into IPA procurement, must identify and recuse themselves from future 2016 IPA Workshop meetings. This policy is included in the draft Subcommittee Plan:

  • Stakeholder Participation/Participation Restrictions for Financially-Interested Parties. Attendance and participation in the 2016 Illinois Power Agency Workshops is open to all interested stakeholders. However, there may be agenda items during this process that require open discussion between Program Administrators and non-financially interested stakeholders, involving confidential and/or proprietary information. Confidential and/or proprietary topics will be identified by the SAG Facilitation Team in advance. Participants with a financial interest (e.g. current and prospective program implementers, contractors, and product representatives) must recuse themselves from attending confidential and/or proprietary meetings. For the purposes of the 2016 IPA Workshop Subcommittee, SAG participants who expect to bid into IPA procurement shall identify and recuse themselves from discussions.

2016 IPA Workshop Subcommittee meeting invitations and meeting materials were only circulated to non-financially interested parties that expressed interest in participating in discussions.

Prior Workshops Addressing IPA Issues