Illinois Energy Efficiency

Stakeholder Advisory Group

December 14-16, 2015 Meeting Materials

Monday, December 14 Meeting (Day 1)


SAG Portfolio Planning Process (Annette Beitel, EE SAG Facilitator) - no presentation

Proposed Program Ideas: Low Income Proposal and Low-Moderate Income Program Proposal / Presentation (Karen Lusson, IL AG)

Cross-Cutting Proposals: EE Diversity Proposal and Local Business Proposal / Presentation (Karen Lusson, IL AG)

Proposed Program Idea: Delta Lumin (Low Income) Proposal and Presentation (Kevin Dick, Delta Institute)

Proposed Program Changes: Multifamily Improvements Presentation (Stacie Young, Community Investment Corp.)

Proposed Program Idea: Geographically Targeted Pilot Program Proposal and Presentation (Stacie Young, Community Investment Corp.)

Proposed Program: Ameren IL Energy Savings Kits Proposal and Presentation (Carla Colamonini, Citizens Utility Board)

Proposed Program Changes: On Bill Financing (OBF) - CUB OBF Proposal; CIC OBF Proposal (Carla Colamonini, Citizens Utility Board; Stacie Young, Community Investment Corp.)

Tuesday, December 15 Meeting (Day 2)

Agenda (v2)

Cross-Cutting Proposal: Statewide Marketing Proposal (Karen Lusson, IL AG)

Proposed Change: Nicor Gas Portfolio Proposal and Presentation (Chris Vaughn, Nicor Gas)

Proposed Programs and Program Changes: Ameren IL Residential (Keith Goerss, Ameren IL)

Additional Proposed Program Ideas / Program Changes: Residential (Carla Colamonici, CUB; Chris Neme, Energy Futures Group, on behalf of NRDC; Edith Makra, Metropolitan Mayors Caucus) -

Proposed Program Ideas: Cold Water Washing Behavioral Program Proposal and PresentationWashing Machine Early Retirement / Appliance Recycling Proposal and Presentation (John Paul Jewell, Environmental Law & Policy Center)

Proposed Program Change: Savings Measurement Software Proposal and Presentation  (v2) (Note: The presentation slides include animation) (Tim Guiterman, EnergySavvy)

Proposed Program Change and New Program: Demand Response Proposals (ComEd and Ameren IL) and Demand Response Presentation (Carla Colamonici, Citizens Utility Board)

Wednesday, December 16 Meeting (Day 3)


Proposed Measure: Tier 1 APS – Residential Proposal and Presentation (Thad Carlson, TrickleStar)

Proposed Program Idea: Tier 2 APS Joint Proposal and Presentation (Domenico Gelonese, Embertec; Thad Carlson, TrickleStar)

Proposed Program Idea: Residential and Third-Party Pay for Performance Pilot Program Proposal and Presentation - v2, added 12/31/15 (Matt Gee, Open Energy Efficiency)

Smart Thermostat Evaluation Results - Preliminary Gas Impact Findings Presentation and Nicor Gas Emerging Technologies Presentation (Hammad Chaudhry, Nicor Gas; Amanda Ackerman, Navigant; Pace Goodman, Navigant; Kevin Grabner, Navigant)

Ameren IL DSM Market Potential Study Presentation - Preliminary Residential Results / Summary of Measure-Level Detail (Dave Costenaro, AEG)

Follow-Up Documents

Click here for information on SAG Small Group Follow-Up teleconferences, held in December 2015 and January 2016.