Illinois Energy Efficiency

Stakeholder Advisory Group

​​​​​​​​ComEd Evaluation Reports

Final evaluation reports are organized consecutively by Program Year.

Program Year 1 (Final)

Program Year 2 (Final)

Program Year 3 (Final)

Program Year 4 (Final)

Program Year 4 Joint Programs (Final)

Program Year 5 (Final)

Program Year 5 Joint Programs (Final)

Program Year 6 (Final)

Program Year 7 (Final)

Program Year 8 (Final)

Program Year 9 (Final)

  • Quantifying Non-Energy Benefits from ComEd's Income Eligible Programs: Secondary Research Report
  • Street Lighting Program
  • ​ComEd PY9 Summary Evaluation Report
  • Residential Lighting Discounts Program - coming soon
  • Fridge & Freezer Recycling Program - coming soon
  • Heating, Cooling and Weatherization Rebates Program - coming soon
  • Custom Incentives Program - coming soon
  • Matrix K-12 Private Schools and Colleges IPA Program - coming soon
  • Smart Energy Design Assistance Center Public Sector Enhanced Building Optimization IPA Program - coming soon
  • Matrix Demand Based Ventilation Fan Controller IPA Program - coming soon
  • Public Sector Savings Through Efficient Products (STEP) Program - coming soon
  • Memo: ComEd PY9 Bidgely End of Pilot Online Survey Results - coming soon
  • Agriculture Energy Efficiency IPA Program - coming soon
  • Public Sector Free Lights Program - coming soon
  • Public Sector Standard Program - coming soon
  • Public Sector Public Housing Authority Efficient Living Program - coming soon
  • Custom Program NTG Memo from Navigant and Itron (PY8 and PY9) - coming soon
  • ComEd PY9 Summary Evaluation Report Appendix - coming soon
  • ComEd Persistence and EUL Research - Phase 1 Findings - coming soon

Program Year 10 / Calendar Year 2018 (Final)