Illinois EE Successes Subcommittee

SAG Successes Fact Sheet Version 1.0 (final; added 8/13/15)


To provide an Illinois-specific “Successes Fact Sheet” including an overview of energy efficiency accomplishments by Program Administrators (Ameren IL, ComEd, the Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity, Nicor Gas, and Peoples Gas-North Shore Gas) pursuant to Section 8-103, 8-104 and 16-111.5B of the Public Utilities Act. Version 1 of the Successes Fact Sheet covers Electric Program Years 1-6 and Gas Program Years 1-3. SAG participants are considering updating the Successes Fact Sheet with a Version 2 in 2019.

Background and Sources:

SAG convened a Successes Subcommittee in early 2015 to collect and share data on energy efficiency program successes in Illinois. Information included in Successes Fact Sheet Version 1 is based on data provided by Illinois Program Administrators. Energy efficiency program data can also be found on the Evaluation Documents page and Quarterly Reports page.

Additional footnotes (reverse side):

  • The reason for ComEd’s lifecycle savings drop from EPY4 to EPY5 is because of the measure life of lighting. During EPY1-4, 9 years was used, but this dropped in PY5 to 5.2 years for standard CFLs due to the release of IL-TRM Version 1.0.
  • The Successes Fact Sheet does not include voluntary programs offered prior to the start of Electric Program Year 1 (Section 8-103, Public Utilities Act) and Gas Program Year 1 (Section 8-104, Public Utilities Act).

Successes Fact Sheet Version 1 Meetings

Subcommittee Meeting #1 (Tuesday, March 3)

Subcommittee Meeting #2 (Tuesday, March 17)

Subcommittee Meeting #3 (Tuesday, April 16 Teleconference)

Subcommittee Meeting #4 (Tuesday, April 28 Teleconference)

  • Attendee List and Meeting Notes

May Large Group SAG Meeting (Monday, May 11)

Subcommittee Meeting #5 / SAG Teleconference (Wednesday, May 20)

Subcommittee Meeting #6 (Monday, July 15 11:00 am – 12:30 pm Teleconference)

  • Follow-up on EE jobs issue and sections for consideration in final EE Successes Fact Sheet.

June Large Group SAG Meeting (Tuesday, June 23)

Background Information

Resources (provided by various participants):

“EE Successes” Examples:

Resources (provided by MEEA):

ARRA Job Creation Methodologies (Summary provided by MEEA):

Council of Economic Advisers (2009)

  • $1 of government spending creates 1.6 times as many job-years as a dollar of tax cuts and 1.3 times as many job-years as a dollar of state fiscal relief: Government spending requires $92K to create one job-year; Tax cuts requires $145K to create on job-year; and State fiscal relief requires $116 per job-year.
  • Indirect and induced jobs are entirely in the private sector.
  • For typical government spending projects, 64% of job-years represent direct and indirect jobs while 36% represent induced effects.

State agencies asked to use $92K for ARRA reporting.

  • This is what agencies were asked to use for ARRA job creation calculations.
  • Does not take into account differences in wages and other costs across types of projects and geography.
  • Only direct jobs reported (direct government or subcontractor jobs).
  • Reported jobs created (new position) and jobs retained (position that would have been eliminated without ARRA).
  • Direct reporting requirements only cover 1/3 of recovery funds as ARRA included about $271 billion in direct government investment spending.  Does not capture tax cuts, state fiscal relief, and transfer payments.

Ameren IL Case Studies:

Ameren IL Videos:

Nicor Gas Customer Success Stories:

Peoples Gas-North Shore Case Studies:

Resources Provided by Metropolitan Mayor’s Caucus:

Resources Provided by Elevate Energy: