Greenhouse Gas Savings Working Group


To discuss greenhouse gas (GHG) savings, including 1) defining approaches for calculating GHG savings from energy efficiency measures and programs and 2) addressing how electric and gas utilities in Illinois will communicate GHG impacts to the ICC.


Nicor Gas submitted a “Greenhouse Gas Savings Calculations” policy proposal in June 2022 as part of the Policy Manual Version 3.0 update process. The SAG Facilitator requested feedback from Policy Manual Subcommittee participants on all policies submitted, including whether policy proposals were necessary, or appropriate for the Policy Manual, or may belong in another forum. Nicor Gas withdrew their GHG policy proposal from the Policy Manual Subcommittee, requesting that SAG discuss and attempt to resolve GHG questions in a Working Group before the next EE portfolio planning process. GHG questions should be resolved by mid-2024, if possible. This Working Group will meet in the second half of 2023, after Policy Manual Version 3.0 is submitted to the ICC for approval.


Participation is open to all interested SAG participants, unless a topic presents a financial conflict of interest. Contact the SAG Facilitator to join this Working Group.

2023 Meetings (Timing is Tentative)

  • September: Introduce GHG questions for discussion by the Working Group; discuss initial feedback
  • October: Discuss follow-up from the August meeting; identify volunteer(s) to draft proposed resolution
  • November: Discuss proposed resolution; provide an opportunity for written feedback; determine whether any non-consensus issues exist and the forum to resolve, if needed