Illinois Energy Efficiency

Stakeholder Advisory Group

June 2015 Activities

  •  The SAG Facilitation team kicked off the discussion of IL-TRM Version 5.0 at the June large group SAG meeting (Tuesday, June 23), to determine priority measures. The priority measure process is described below.
  • To prepare for the June 23rd discussion, all interested parties were asked to review items on the “v5.0 Active List” (see the SharePoint link in step 1 below). This list includes the items that were not resolved in Version 4.0, and thus still remain “Open” for IL-TRM Version 5.0, and additional items that have come to the attention of the TRM Administrator. Please review the Priority Measure Process below.  All entries were due by Noon on Monday, June 22nd. Interested parties were required to submit all entries via the SharePoint tracker to be considered for inclusion in IL-TRM Version 5.0.

IL-TRM Version 5.0 Priority Measure Process

1) Review items on “v5.0 Active List” – link (SharePoint)

If you are the Requester, please review and make sure the item is still active and update as necessary. Please be sure that you are willing and able to provide a workpaper for the item if the group decide to proceed.

2) Submit new entries by clicking “Add New Item” at the bottom of the page by Noon on Monday, June 22nd.

Please fill in:

  • Request summary
  • Request detail
  • Requester Name
  • Requested Company
  • Program Administrator
  • Request Type (Change to Existing measure; Correction of TRM mistake; New measure request; or  Question /Clarification)
  • Measure Code – for existing measures
  • Measure Section (for new measures)

Priority – please assign your determination of priority (Low, Medium, High) using the following as guidance:

  • High Priority: For those existing measures that make up a significant portion of a utility’s portfolio and/or where the impact of the requested change is high; for new measures where plans are in place to implement in the next program year.
  • Medium Priority: For existing measures that are a less significant percent of a utility’s portfolio and the savings value change will not have a significant impact; for new measures where a savings value is estimated but implementation plans are not yet developed
  • Low Priority: For existing measures that represent a very small percent of a utility’s portfolio; for new measures that are just beginning to be explored and will not be implemented in the next program year

3) For every item submitted, you should be comfortable with the commitment of getting a workpaper for existing measure changes completed by August 1, or new measures completed by October 1.

4) The Workpaper format will be the same as last year and a template can be found on the SharePoint site here. When suggesting changes to existing measures, please copy the measure from the Final v4.0 version, into your workpaper.

5) SAG / TRM TAC will review the final list and prioritize as a group during the June large group SAG meeting on Tuesday, June 23 from 10:40 am - 12:40 pm.

6) SAG / TRM TAC will hold a follow-up teleconference on priority measures on Tuesday, June 30 from 9:00 – 10:00 am in case additional discussion is needed.