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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Draft Evaluation Reports

Draft Evaluation Report Review Process

  • Draft Evaluation Report Review: Draft evaluation reports that are open for review and comment are posted on this page as they are made available. Consistent with IL EE Policy Manual requirements, comments on draft evaluation reports shall be submitted to Program Administrators, Commission Staff, and evaluators within 15 Business Days.
  • Final Evaluation Reports: Once draft evaluation reports are finalized, the draft evaluation reports will be removed from this "Draft Evaluation Reports" page. Final evaluation reports will be available for download on the Evaluation Documents page, organized by utility and Program Year.

Circulation to interested participants: Evaluators circulate draft evaluation reports directly to non-financially interested SAG participants that have expressed interest in reviewing reports. If you are interested in receiving draft evaluation reports, please email the following evaluators:

  • Ameren Illinois: Hannah Howard (hhoward@opiniondynamics.com) and Zach Ross (zross@opiniondynamics.com)
  • ComEd: Jeff Erickson (jeff.erickson@navigant.com)
  • Nicor Gas: Kevin Grabner (kevin.grabner@navigant.com)
  • Peoples Gas & North Shore Gas: Kevin Grabner (kevin.grabner@navigant.com)

If financially-interested SAG participants are interested in reviewing draft evaluation reports, they are encouraged to review this page on a regular basis.

Draft Studies

Draft Reports for Comment - Electric Program Year 10 and Gas Program Year 7 (Calendar Year 2018)

If you are interested in providing comments on draft evaluation reports, please send to the following:

  • Ameren Illinois Evaluation Reports: Hannah Howard (hhoward@opiniondynamics.com), Zach Ross (zross@opiniondynamics.com), and Jennifer Morris, ICC Staff (Jennifer.Morris@illinois.gov)
  • ComEd Evaluation Reports: Jeff Erickson (jeff.erickson@navigant.com), Erin Daughton (Erin.Daughton@ComEd.com), Vince Gutierrez (Vincent.Gutierrez@ComEd.com), and Jennifer Morris, ICC Staff (Jennifer.Morris@illinois.gov)
  • Nicor Gas Evaluation Reports: Kevin Grabner (kevin.grabner@navigant.com) and Jennifer Morris, ICC Staff (Jennifer.Morris@illinois.gov)
  • Peoples Gas & North Shore Gas Evaluation Reports: Kevin Grabner (kevin.grabner@navigant.com) and Jennifer Morris, ICC Staff (Jennifer.Morris@illinois.gov)

ComEd Evaluation Reports - Draft

Ameren Illinois Evaluation Reports - Draft

Nicor Gas Evaluation Reports - Draft

Coordinated Utility Evaluation Reports - Draft

Evaluation Memos - Preliminary Results

Evaluation Research Memos - Draft