Illinois Energy Efficiency

Stakeholder Advisory Group

Draft Evaluation Plans


Written draft evaluation plans are provided to SAG by independent evaluators for review and comment on an annual basis. For additional information on this review process, see IL EE Policy Manual, Section 10.1, EM&V Work Plans.

  • Draft evaluation plans will be added to this page as they are made available for review and removed once final plans are completed by evaluators.
  • Click here to access final Evaluation Plans. The 2018 evaluation plans were finalized in February 2018.  

Key Evaluator Contacts for Evaluation Plans:

  • Ameren Illinois Evaluators: Hannah Howard (hhoward@opiniondynamics.com) and Zach Ross, Opinion Dynamics (zross@opiniondynamics).
  • ComEd Evaluators: Jeff Erickson (Jeff.Erickson@Navigant.com) and Mary Thony, Navigant (Mary.Thony@navigant.com).
  • Nicor Gas Evaluators: Kevin Grabner (Kevin.Grabner@navigant.com) and Mary Thony, Navigant (Mary.Thony@navigant.com).
  • Peoples Gas - North Shore Gas Evaluators: Kevin Grabner (Kevin.Grabner@navigant.com) and Mary Thony, Navigant (Mary.Thony@navigant.com).

Individual Program Draft Evaluation Plans for Review

*Please also CC Jennifer Morris, ICC Staff, on comments (Jennifer.Morris@illinois.gov).