Illinois Energy Efficiency

Stakeholder Advisory Group

SAG Background

The Energy Efficiency Portfolio Standard (EEPS) was passed in 2007 by the Illinois General Assembly, requiring the electric utilities Ameren Illinois and ComEd to offer energy efficiency programs, funded by ratepayers. Electric energy efficiency programs began in June 2008. SAG was created in 2008, at the direction of the Illinois Commerce Commission (ICC). Gas EEPS passed in Illinois in 2009, for Ameren Illinois (Gas), Nicor Gas, Peoples Gas & North Shore Gas. Gas energy efficiency programs began in June 2011. Energy efficiency plans require approval by the ICC.

The Illinois Energy Efficiency Stakeholder Advisory Group (SAG) is independently facilitated by Celia Johnson Consulting. SAG is open to all interested participants, unless a topic presents a Financial Conflict of Interest. SAG acts in an advisory capacity and addresses consensus on policy and technical issues, as needed. SAG also provides an opportunity to educate the Illinois stakeholder community on a variety of topics related to energy efficiency.

SAG responsibilities initially included: Reviewing final program designs; establishing agreed-upon performance metrics for measuring portfolio and program performance; reviewing Plan progress against metrics and against statutory goals; reviewing program additions or discontinuations; reviewing new proposed programs for the next program cycle; and reviewing program budget shifts between programs where the change is more than 20% (ComEd Final Order, 07-0540 at 32; Ameren Final Order, 07-0539 at 24).

ICC directives to SAG have increased over time. In the Final Order of the second three-year electric energy efficiency plans and first three-year gas plans, the assigned additional duties to the IL EE SAG included the development of a Technical Reference Manual for approval by the ICC (e.g., ComEd Final Order, 10-0570 at 59; Policy Division Staff Report, 12-0528).

In January 2014, the ICC issued final orders in the third three-year electric plans, and further expanded SAG duties to include, among other issues, reviewing new program designs, further discussing issues that remained unresolved in litigation, and the creation of an Illinois Energy Efficiency Policy Manual (e.g., Ameren IL Final Order, 13-0498; ComEd Final Order, 13-0495; DCEO Final Order, 13-0499). Final Orders in the second three-year gas plans were issued in May 2014 and include similar expansion of SAG issues (e.g., Nicor Gas Final Order, 13-0549; Peoples Gas-North Shore Gas Final Order, 13-0550). 

Final orders for the 2018-2021 Energy Efficiency Plans were issued in fall 2017 for the electric and gas energy efficiency programs that began on January 1, 2018.