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Adjustable Savings Goals

The Adjustable Savings Goals policy is from the Illinois Energy Efficiency Policy Manual Version 1.1 and is applicable for Illinois gas utilities.

Nicor Gas

Final Adjustable Savings Goal Template (October 2017)

Peoples Gas - North Shore Gas

Final Peoples Gas Adjustable Savings Goal Template (October 2017)

Final North Shore Gas Adjustable Savings Goal Template (October 2017)

Illinois EE Policy Manual Version 1.1

Section 6.2, Adjustable Savings Goals

"Gas utility annual energy savings goals will be adjusted to align them with changes to IL-TRM values.

In addition, gas utility annual energy savings goals will be adjusted for the entire Plan period, prior to the start of the first Plan Year of an approved Plan, so that they are aligned with the most recent Evaluator’s recommended Net-to-Gross (NTG) values available. No further adjustments to goals shall be made in response to new estimates of NTG values that are developed and applied during the Plan period (i.e. once the Plan period has begun).

Within sixty (60) days after Commission approval of the annual IL-TRM values, each gas utility will file adjusted energy savings goals reflecting updated IL-TRM values applicable to the Program Year commencing January 1.

The potential applicability of an adjustable savings goals policy to an electric utility implementing Energy Efficiency Programs pursuant to Section 8-103B may be determined by the Commission in an electric utility’s Energy Efficiency Plan docket, updates to the Policy Manual, or other Commission proceedings. The lack of inclusion in this Version 1.1 shall not be construed as limiting any consideration of, or resolution of any request to the Commission, seeking adjustable savings goals."